Book Club Monday is pouting today!

Poor Pout-Pout Fish! He thinks all he can do is frown! In today’s Book Club selection, a sad fish swims through the ocean “spreading the dreary-wearies all over the place”! Deborah Diesen has written this sad story about a fish who thinks he can never turn his fish face into a smile no matter what his friends try to tell him.

Mr. Clam tries to tell him to “turn his frown upside down”, but Pout-Pout Fish won’t listen. Mr. Jelly wants him to be more friendly, not happening! One after another, his Fishy Friends try to turn his “dreary-wearies” around, but nothing helps, until…… a very special fish friend comes along!

This is a great story for cheering up a bad day or for just enjoying a good story together! Dan Hanna has illustrated this story with the most amazing sea creatures. Make up stories about the sea worms who pop out of holes or the crabs that look like At-Ats from the Star Wars movies. There’s no limit to the adventures that can go on deep in the ocean!

Looking for a way to stretch the learning? Check out “At the Beach” in our Keep The Learning Going series on the Get Ready 4 Kindergarten website. Keep the Learning Going is a series of articles on turning just about anything into a chance to teach your child something new!

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