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These turkeys are CRAZY!

10 Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston tells the story of 10 turkeys who take some pretty crazy chances!

Most counting books start with one and count up to 10, this one starts with 10 and counts backward. (Though it is not appropriate to teach your child subtraction at this point in their math learning, you are laying the foundation for taking away items for the future.) But this story falls in line with the fun song/story “Five Little Monkeys”and others where mishaps cause the characters to disappear from the story.

The rhyming line of “Gobble, Gobble, Wibble, Wobble” will be fun for your child to join in each time it is read. Though the book attempts to rhyme each page, it falls short with 10 turkeys that dance and 1 turkey that jumps up and down. If that bothers you, change the words to:

“10 fat turkeys taking quite a chance”, “1 jumping till he’s done”, “and no more rants”

Use the pictures to talk about:

· Counting 1-10 turkeys

· Vocabulary like: bricks, roller skates, swan dives, boars, bees, bubble um and pogo sticks

· Silly things to do – try and come up with your own silly (but safe!) ideas, like:

o Eat breakfast for supper

o Wear mismatched socks

o Dance your way to the door or car

This is a fun book about silly turkeys! Enjoy it with a child you love, laugh at the turkeys, and build that vocabulary. 11/4/19

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