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This week's word is: Turkey!

Turkeys are sort of a November symbol, maybe even a mascot.

Napkins and tablecloths and paper plates are in the stores covered with the most beautiful turkeys you can imagine. (The wild ones walking my neighborhood do not look like those!)

There are turkey cookie cutters and turkey shaped butter and I’m pretty sure I saw turkey peanut butter cups at the grocery. They are everywhere! And even though you recognize a turkey on sight, I bet you don’t know a lot about them. But since it’s Thanksgiving season, this is a good time to add to your family’s turkey vocabulary!

So, how do we use this word to build a child’s vocabulary? Here’s 3 quick tips to teach the word turkey:

· Ask your child what a turkey is. Do you have pictures of turkeys? Thanksgiving decorations with turkeys? Get them out and look at them. Talk about how the turkey is a symbol of Thanksgiving in America. Talk about your Thanksgiving celebration, do you have pictures of Thanksgiving Days past? Share them with your child!

· Take a picture of a turkey and talk about the different parts of a turkey. Tell your child about: wattles, snoods, and beards! Talk about feathers and scrawny looking turkey feet, imagine how those skinny feet can hold up such a big bird! Tell an older child that Ben Franklin wanted the turkey to be America’s national bird instead of the eagle, ask them for their opinion on that idea.

· PLAY! Be turkeys! Gobble like turkeys! Waddle like turkeys! Strut like a turkey! Learn to do the “Turkey Trot”. (check UTube) Wear a wattle, snood, or beard to dress up like a turkey! Get the family involved making turkey noises and walking to the Thanksgiving table like a turkey would. Just imagine the memory of grandparents gobbling!

Try these ideas and your child will have something very special to share with friends and family that they probably don’t know either! (Imagine your stuffiest relatives gobbling or waddling on Thanksgiving Day!)

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