Empowering parents of preschoolers to share the joy of learning together as a family while preparing your child for the challenges of kindergarten.

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten helps parents engage preschoolers in learning while having fun together as a family.

Kindergarten teachers don't expect your child to read on the first day of school!  They want your child to work together with their classmates to discover new information, solve problems creatively, and have enough vocabulary to share their thinking, feelings, and ideas. Using the materials in our monthly subscription boxes, Kindercartons, will engage your whole family in the kinds of activities that build the communication skills, critical thinking, and math/reading readiness necessary for success in kindergarten without worksheets or added screentime.

GR4K Learning Products


Kindercartons are Monthly Preschool Boxes delivered to your door!
A month’s worth of preschool curriculum, materials, and activities delivered to your door with everything you need already inside!

Kindercartons let you focus on quality time with your preschooler without the hassle of planning, prepping, shopping, and gathering.

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