Doing Preschool at Home this Fall?


Every parent wants their child to be successful, confident, and capable. Get Ready 4 Kindergarten helps parents engage preschoolers in learning while having fun together as a family. Kindergarten teachers are not worried about your child not knowing how to read or solve equations; they want your child to be part of a group of children who can work together to discover new information, solve problems creatively, and have enough vocabulary to share their thinking, feelings, and ideas. Using the materials in our monthly subscription boxes, Kindercartons, will engage your whole family  in the kinds of activities that build the communication skills, critical thinking, and math/reading readiness necessary for success in kindergarten without worksheets or added screentime.

About GR4K

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten is a family-based program you and your child can do together at home, in the car, at the babysitters, anywhere - anytime. Developed by two professional educators, who each have over 40 years of experience in early childhood education, GR4K is a year-long learning-based program that families can do at home. GR4K will help you teach your child the skills needed to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.


Nationwide, our school superintendents report that over 30% of kindergarteners were not ready to learn at the kindergarten level this past year.

(from the 2019-2020 school year)


Research shows us that these same children will not read on grade level by third grade.

Parent engagement can make the difference between success and struggle in Kindergarten for our children.


Learning Guide

A basic monthly outline to guide parents who want their children to have the skills in place to start Kindergarten ready to learn and succeed.  Our free monthly guide follows the same curriculum as Kindercartons, Totes for Twos, and our monthly Learning Club.

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How Young Children Learn

Children learn by trying things out through the filter of their 5 senses.

  • A newborn baby learns through their sense of touch that there are loving caresses and snuggly ways of being held. Babies learn the difference between wet and dry or warm and cold through touch and they quickly learn which feels better.

  • They see a parent’s familiar face or a favorite toy and they smile to show recognition.


A preschool child learns through their senses as well, but in a more complex way. Children use play to learn all sorts of new things through their 5 sense filter.


5 Building Blocks of Early Learning

Talk, Read, Think, Play and Do are the five building blocks of early learning and foundation of the Get Ready 4 Kindergarten program.


I am the mother of 2 sons (age 3 and 5) and have tried several subscriptions boxes. This one rises and differentiates itself above the others! Through thematic learning, this box includes a book, corresponding monthly vocabulary cards, craft activities and all necessary supplies, fun kid-friendly recipe ideas, as well as outing ideas (to name a few of the many components of this subscription). Each box comes with a “playbook” for parents to help guide them through the activities and suggestions to enhance the topic of the month.
This kit facilitates learning opportunities for children as young as 2/3 and well into the early elementary age in a fun and engaging way. It also creates opportunities for caregivers to connect with their children without having to research, shop and prepare the materials.
This box is a must for any caregiver looking to enhance their child’s learning outside of the classroom while having an incredibly fun time doing it!



I used the Get Ready 4 Kindergarten subscription box with my 4 year old granddaughter; she spends 2 weekends each month with me. I was worried that she wouldn't be ready for school as she didn't attend preschool.  My granddaughter was thrilled to see what was in the box each month. She especially loved the cinnamon and applesauce star craft; we carefully packed the ornaments away for next year. Maria learned new words through the flash cards with pictures; she loved the stories each month. The games were fun for her to play with her cousins. There were so many activities in each box that sometimes I didn't have time to finish them with Maria, so I shared them with her other grandmother who also enjoyed the time crafting with Maria.

I look forward to Maria starting kindergarten in the Fall and I know she'll use the things she learned in her classroom.This was a great opportunity to connect with my granddaughter in a learning environment!


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