5 Daily "Must Do's"

Children need a caring adult

to do 5 things with them every day!


TALK to them!

READ to them!

PLAY with them!

Make them THINK!

DO something fun together!

5 Building Blocks of Early Learning


TALK with your child constantly about everything!
Every conversation builds their vocabulary and is the key to learning.


READ to your child at least once a day!

THINK: Guide your child to question and look deeper into their world.

PLAY some kind of game every day with your child!
Hide and seek, catch, color or object hunt - it doesn’t matter what, just play together!


DO more things together: cook, color, walk the dog,
explore the outdoors, visit a new place (zoo, park,

The 5 Building Blocks form the foundation of the monthly curriculum and STEAM activities in our subscription boxes -Kindercartons.