​5 Building Blocks for Early Learning

​ Using the 5 Building Blocks (Talk, Read, Think, Do, and Play) helps parents teach their children in ways that seem natural and easy.

Every parent can use the Building Blocks to turn every day events into an opportunity to learn something new or reinforce something already known.

Take turns talking and listening
to each other.

When you take turns talking and listening to each other, it tells your child their ideas are important.
Check out our tips for talking with your child

Read Every Day!

What could be better than snuggling with your little one and sharing a great story? Story time can be learning time, too!
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Encourage your child to think!

Science is everywhere! Most of our monthly themes are science based and we suggest a great place to learn about science in your neighborhood. 

Take time to PLAY together!

Children need opportunities to try out new words, ideas, and new materials. Skills like taking turns, sharing, and losing a turn are all best learned with family and friends.

Do things together!

Traditions are Special! Having fun together as a family will build lifelong memories. S'mores around a campfire, cooking a special breakfast together, or going on a bike picnic all make it into the Family Memory Hall of Fame!