To empower parents of preschoolers to share the joy of learning together as a family while preparing your child for the challenges of kindergarten. We’ve done the thinking, planning, and gathering so families can focus on being together and building memories while homeschooling.

5 Building Blocks for Early Learning

Using the 5 Building Blocks (Talk, Read, Think, Do, and Play) helps parents teach their children in ways that seem natural and easy. Every parent can use the Building Blocks to turn every day events into an opportunity to learn something new or reinforce something already known.



Our year long curriculum is based on guidelines from the early learning standards of the US Center for Disease Control and the Departments of Education of various states. Our goal is to provide a well rounded homeschool education based on improving your child’s communication, social interaction, and thinking skills.

Our Language Curriculum focuses on:

  • Concepts of Print

  • Phonological Awareness

  • Phonics and Word Recognition

  • Language as Communication

  • Speaking and Listening

  • Writing

Our Math Curriculum focuses on:

  • Number Sense, Properties, and Operations

  • Geometry and Spatial Sense

  • Data Analysis, Statistics, and Probability

  • Algebraic Thinking

  • Measurement

Our Science and Social Studies Curriculum is supported by the monthly themes.

In 2020, those themes are: preparing for winter weather, healthy hearts need exercise, rain, frogs and ponds, seeds, oceans, things that go, bugs and beetles, farms, community helpers, ducks, families. Our themes are used to connect all of the things we want your child to learn each month; children learn best when new learning can be connected to something they already know. Using a monthly theme helps us provide these connections for your child.

our programs

Newsletter – Monthly Learning Guide


Our Monthly Learning Guide is a simple outline of everything we are covering in our curriculum for the month in our Learning Club and Kindercartons programs. It provides ideas and examples for teaching and strengthening each skill as well as a book list and an activity. Our Monthly Learning Guide is FREE.

Learning Club – Membership site


The GR4K Learning Club is a Membership Site for preschool parents and caretakers. Each month, our curriculum can be downloaded from a secure site. Materials include: printable word cards and ways to use them to build your child’s vocabulary; ideas to develop the TALK skill for the month; a list of carefully curated books on our theme along with ideas for stretching your child to think more deeply about the stories; ways to imbed the READ skill for the month into your child’s reading readiness work; a game to teach and practice the PLAY skill of the month as well as dramatic play materials to explore the monthly theme; Math and Language skills to teach and ideas to THINK about them; Science or Social Studies concepts to THINK about also; and a bunch of crafts and recipes and field trip ideas so your child can cement all this learning with their need to DO things. Weekly schedules will be provided with options to do a lot or a little. Monthly Q&A session to talk about what your child is learning and how to meet challenges. A very detailed Parent Guide each month will build your confidence as a teacher.

Learning Club starts on September 1; cost is $25/mos, $65/3 months, $125/6 months, or $235/12 months.

Kindercartons – Subscription Box


When the monthly Kindercarton arrives at your door, it is ready to open and jump into learning with your child. It covers everything in our Learning Club, but this is the “Done For You” version, not the “DIY” version. Each box contains: word cards, a science log, 2 books, games, math and language activities, science or social studies activities, crafts, recipes, and more. Everything you need to know to use all all the materials in the box is provided in the monthly Parent Guide. Kindercarton Parents get complete access to the Learning Club secure site.

Kindercartons cost $49./month for one child or $59./month for 2 children. Shipping and handling is charged separately. Kindercartons are mailed at the beginning of each month. They can be purchased through the link on this page or on Cratejoy.


Meet the team

Get Ready 4 Kindergarten is a family-based program you and your child can do together. Developed by two grandmothers who have over 40 years of experience in early childhood education, GR4K is a year-long learning-based program that families can do at home. GR4K will help you teach your child the skills needed to enter Kindergarten ready to succeed.

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Karen Meyer

Karen Francis Meyer is a retired Massachusetts elementary school principal. She holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education/Special Education, a M.Ed. in Guidance and Counseling, and a M.Ed. in School Administration. Before becoming a principal, Karen worked as a teacher or counselor in Rhode Island, Virginia, North Carolina, Washington, and Yokosuka, Japan (DODDS/DoDEA). Karen is married to her high school sweetheart, a retired naval officer. Together, they moved and “re-homed” their 2 children around the country and the world for 30 years. They have been additionally blessed with 2 wonderful granddaughters.

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Karen Andrews

Karen J. Andrews has 27 years of early childhood teaching experience; 22 years of which have been in first grade. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Early Childhood Education and is certified to teach K-3. Karen is married to a retired naval officer and is the mother of 2 daughters. Their military family lived in South Carolina, Rhode Island, California, and Mississippi before settling in Florida. Karen is the proud grandmother of 6 amazing children.